Express Yourself Paint, LLC

Real Estate

Painting: Service Call (2 Hours)

SERVICE: $149 first 2 hours and $40 per additional hours
PURPOSE: Painting of a small area that may be completed very quickly and does not justify the time consumption of quoting.
DESCRIPTION: Pro painter working directly at your supervision for a short task. Interior/Exterior
SPECIFIC TERMS: Excludes all primer and paint products or drywall. Paint is to be supplied by the customer or may be provided at an additional charge. All tools & necessary supplies such as tape and caulk included. Service is for 2 hour. Work is done under customer’s direction and customer is responsible for reviewing work. All work and touch-ups must be complete in the same day.
Painting areas up to (24’ max height). Additional labor to be billed at $40 per hour based on painter’s discretion and availability. Payment for additional labor is due at time of service payable to Express Yourself Paint, LLC.
ESTIMATE PROCESS: No estimate required
PAYMENT: Advance Payment On-Line
FINANCING: Not Available

Special Offer

Interior Painter For A Day ($400 Value)

Gift certificate for a highly-skilled professional painter for a day to do miscellaneous painting, drywall repair and touch-up projects under customer’s direction.

Services can include:
Painting your Office, Hallways, or Lobby
Painting your Common Areas or Stairwells
Touch-Up Interior Trim
Doors and door frames to make them look new