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3 Session Discount Package

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Booking the three session package for deeper work will save you $75 over the individual session cost.

This is a great for healing family trauma, deep grief work and clearing as well as solidifying wellness patterns and behaviors.

6 Session Healing Package

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This 6 session package is good for longer and deeper healing work. You will save $240 of purchasing the sessions individually

Healing Session

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Dr. Adhi has traditional training in Shamanic healing practices that found in the Americas, Mongolia, and Europe. She uses plant spirit medicine, cord cutting, soul retrieval, removing attachments and thought forms, divination… and other practices as a well round healing experience. Dr. adhi will use drums, rattles , singing bowls, tuning forks, bells and other sounds to enhance your healing experience. Sessions are usually and hour long. Some times this work can have empowering/powerful affects so plan your day accordingly so you can fully experience the work during the session.