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Custom Designed Facial Gift Certificate

Save $30 and treat yourself or a loved one to a 50 minute custom designed facial that will leave your skin feeling fresh, new, and glowing.
This gift certificate can only be used once by the same person.

Gift Certificate

This gift certificate is valid on any product or service that we offer.

Gift Certificate

This gift certificate can be used for any service or products that we offer.

Gift Certificate

This certificate is good for any service or product that we offer.

Gift Packages

Skin Glow 60 Minute Facial

Custom designed 60 minute facial to bring life, glow, and youthfulness to the skin.

Individual Makeup Application Class Gift Certificate

Learn how to properly use makeup to enhance and correct skin issues, highlight your best features, and give you a fresh and new look for 2019.

This class is also the perfect gift for somebody experiencing health issues that affect the skin, or somebody who is in relationship transitions and needs a fresh start.

This is a one on one private class at the Frederick studio at a 50% discount.

Two Custom 60 Minutes Facials Gift Certificate

This gift certificate includes two custom facials, each 60 minutes of treating, feeding, and healing your skin.

Upon purchase, you will receive a printable gift certificate and it can be redeemed when scheduling the appointment online.

Membership Packages

Handmade Soap & Skin Care Gift Club Membership

per month
Every month you will receive a surprise package of Good Potions Handmade soaps, facial treatments, lip balms and treatments, creams, scrubs, and more. You will receive a minimum value of $30 per shipment, with an additional premium item on every third shipment.

Never stress again about having to run out and buy a gift. Good Potions handmade products make big statements of care about the person, the planet, and your own well being. Keep the items you want for yourself and be ready with affordable but high value gifts at hand for every occasion.

You can cancel anytime prior to shipment of the next package.

Monthly Custom Facial Package ( 50 Minute Facial plus optional 30 min services)

$5.00 initial setup plus $60.00 per month
Keep your skin healthy, glowing, and pampered for the most results and youthful look with a monthly 50 minute custom facial. You will also get, if desired, a free 30 minute medical grade light therapy treatment (valued at $30) and free product samples or custom designed Good Potions products.

Every third facial, you will also receive a free hand spa parafin treatment.

Quarterly Custom Designed 50 Minute Facial Package

$10.00 initial setup plus $70.00 every 3 months
Treat your skin to a plan of health, glow, and youthful care with one facial within each three month period.

You will save money and take great care of your face.


Image Ageless Serum


Time Bomb Youth Serum

This serum is hand made by Maria.

Time Bomb Youth Face Serum is a power house of all the top skin care ingredients in one bottle.

Fresh and powerful ingredients mixed in a light and fast absorbing solution of rose water, aloe juice and hyaluronic acid. If you are like my clients and feel like you are not sure what your face needs, this serum has it all and it has it in meaningful quantities (not just enough for a marketing campaign).

I have created a small batch of these serums for use and retail at my skin care center, during professional facials. I do not manufacture any products for mass production and each one is packaged an labeled by hand.

Skin Care Packages

3 Wrinkle Smoothing Microcurrent Treatment-Face, Eyes, and Mouth Areas

Microcurrent treatments smooth out lines and wrinkles all over the face. For long term results, a series of multiple microcurrent treatments are completed in order to re-train your facial muscles and tissues to revert to a youthful position.

Microcurrent treatments are painless. Includes 3 treatments within 30 days. No custom designed facials.

After purchase, please schedule your first treatment on the appointments page of our website using the code for this package purchase that you will receive. We will schedule your additional 2 treatments at the studio.

Acne Fighting Light Therapy-8 Sessions (30 Min Each)

This package includes 8 sessions of acne fighting medical grade light therapy.

Each session is 30 minutes long, and we recommend that you schedule the therapy 2 times per week for 4 weeks.

This package represents a $40 savings over purchasing individual sessions.

Please schedule your first session online and we will schedule the additional treatments at the studio.

Anti-Aging Light Therapy 8 Sessions Package

30 Minutes in each session of medical grade anti-aging light therapy to stimulate cells and skin in order to reduce wrinkles, discoloration, skin texture, and more. Safe for all skin types.

Best when used in a group of 4-8 sessions.

This package represents a $40 savings.