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Puppy Programs

Puppy Essentials Program

Includes all the basics you need for a good start with your puppy: a 6-week group class to learn the basics of training and socializing your puppy, a copy of Dr. Patricia McConnell's Puppy Primer book, 2 Puppy Enrichment sessions for exposure to lots of surfaces, sounds and other experiences, membership in our private Facebook group for support from our trainers and other puppy owners, and our puppy kit, which includes a training mat, a long line, a Toppl, a treat bag and clicker.

Shiny Puppy

This extended puppy-raising package gives you the complete package our trainers recommend. Includes 12 weeks of group classes (Puppy K AND then Teen Dog), plus 4 Puppy Essentials socialization sessions, membership in our private FB group where you can get support, recommendations, and answers to burning questions, PLUS direct access to Everydog trainers by email for individual advice.

Also includes equipment kit: Treat bag, long line, Toppl food toy, stationing mat

Ultimate Puppy

This ultra membership package gives you unlimited access to all of our puppy classes and activities for 3 months. This includes Puppy K and Teen Dog group classes, once-a-week Essential Exposures sessions, and once-a - week day school. Please see the schedule for classes that will be offered during your membership.

*3 months unlimited number of puppy classes (Puppy K, Teen Dog, Socialization sessions) and day school (available 4 hours per week)
*Membership in our private Facebook group where you can ask question, get support, share photos and see what our trainers are working on.
*Equipment kit: Treat bag, long line, Toppl food toy, stationing mat
*Email access to your trainer for questions