Holistic Healing & Yoga

Live Online Program

Live Online Holistic Yoga Program (3x weekly HY sessions for 4 weeks)

This is a package deal for the 4 week Online Holistic Yoga (Group) Program that must be redeemed within 90 days of purchase. You can redeem it for 12 sessions of live Holistic Yoga classes; 3x week at 6:30am on:

Mondays - Deep Stretching
Wednesdays - Intestine Healing
Fridays - DanMuDo Basic Form (Korean Tai-chi)

You can check out the link for more details on the program and to sign up for individual (1x week) 4 week classes at https://make-appts-with-kyung-y.as.me/?appointmentType=category:Online+Group+sessions