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Online group program package

Online Holistic Healing Meditation Program

This is the 6 week Holistic Healing Meditation Program designed to help you attain inner peace and restore your wholeness, thereby empowering you to experience your dream life..

It consists of 6x1hr weekly live guided meditation session via Zoom meeting online. If you are looking for ways that will help you release all that is in the way of restoring your inner peace, this program is recommended.

Once you complete registration, in addition to the program guide, you will receive the following:

1. Email invitation for Zoom meeting within 24 hours before each meeting.
2. Dreams & Goals Workbook (Digital)
3. Kyung's eBook on "Seven Holistic Practices for Harmonious Living, a Self Healing Journey to Freedom", unless you have received it already.
4. Audio recordings of guided meditations.
5. Email support, email response usually within 12-24 hours.

For more details on the program visit the webpage: