EarthSpirit Pathways with Petah-Jane

11:11 Package

Are you tired of the way your life is going? Feeling run down and stuck or fearful? It's time to lift into a new vibration!

This package entitles you to work with Petah-Jane over a 7 week period to completely overhaul your life direction and purpose, bringing about lasting changes through the 2019 Eclipse season.

Starting with a complimentary Signature Soul Reading (value $150 - a modality I developed), I'll create a custom essential oil signature profile for you, which will give us a blueprint from which to start. You don't need any essential oils for this process!

The unique signature profile will unlock the key areas of your life that have been brought into our awareness, and will underpin the basis of a Chakra Balance working on a chakra a week for 7 weeks, with the intention to bring about lasting healing and transformation.

Over the following 7 weeks, we will work together to determine the key areas of your life that could benefit from the profoundly gentle yet effective Soul Guidance and Sacred Mentoring program (value $777).

Sounds amazing? It is! It's perfectly time for the Eclipse Season and will highlight some powerful themes that will help you dissolve karmic issues that are holding you back from being all you could be!

At the very end of the 7 week program, you'll receive a bonus Akashic Records Reading (value $350).

The value of this entire program is $1277, but just for July you'll receive this entire offering for just $699 with a special additional surprise bonus!

Speak to me on the discovery call for more information!

Ancient Wisdom Soul Guidance

Are you aware of the messages your soul needs you to know right now? What's holding you back and what you are being invited to step into?

This beautiful 30 minute offering is free for a limited time! Book now for any time from January 19th.

Offer expires January 16th 2020. Valued at $135.00

Ancient Wisdom Tour - Egypt

One of two magnificent affordable and bespoke Egypt Tours for 2020 beginning May 20th, 2020.

Please contact me for more information.

Ancient Wisdom Tour Egypt - October

A magnificent Spiritual Tour to Egypt in October 2020

Journey of the Path of the Magdalene

Journey of the Path of the Magdalene is an all inclusive tour of Egypt starting November 11th in Cairo. Please contact me for further information.

Sacred Bodywork Package (Soul Reading Free)

A very special offer for you. For a limited time receive a free Soul Reading to the value of $111 whenever you experience Sacred Bodywork.

Spiritual Guidance & Soul Connection Package

Feeling lost, at a crossroads, or needing some authentic and beautiful spiritual guidance?

I'm a Qualified Advanced Practitioner in the Sacred Healing Arts including Reiki, AromaTouch, the Akashic Records, Past Life Regression and working towards finishing my qualification in Aromatic Kinesiology. My sessions are designed to meet you where you are at, deepening your relationship with the Divine and connect with the beautiful and love of the great Beloved and the power and beauty of this immense presence that many of us are missing in our lives.

Enjoy this beautiful package to not only obtain the connection you are looking for, but also to help you develop in your own soul's journey, drop deeply into your sacred knowing, and allow yourself to feel inspired by the myriad of connections you create, the confidence you build, and the growth you experience.