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Class Membership

per month
Subscribers can attend unlimited weekly classes. Current class schedule can be found on and is subject to change. Our current offerings are weekly:

Yoga For Trauma Healing
Restorative + Reiki+Sound
Reiki Sound Bath

These classes are regularly priced at $20 drop in rate.

Sacred Space Membership

per month
Sacred Space Monthly Membership Includes:
-1 personal healing session, can include: Reiki, Hypnotherapy, TRE, or Sound Healing
-20% off additional sessions using code HEAL
-Unlimited weekly classes including:

Yoga For Trauma Healing
Restorative yoga + Sound Healing
Reiki Sound Bath

* Full schedule available at
*Schedule/times subject to change


Complete Wellness

This package includes 2 Hypno-Reiki sessions and 2 TRE sessions, and 2 drop-in passes for any of our weekly classes. This package is designed for a complete mind-body healing. TRE accesses healing on a physical level, while Hypnotherapy and Reiki provide healing on a mental emotional level.
This package is designed for someone that wants the support in moving through deep healing. It allows for discovery, processing and integration through all levels of one's being.

Embodiment Package

This package includes 5 90 minute Private sessions that consist of TRE(Trauma Healing Modality), Reiki and Sound Healing. This combination is designed to allow you to heal from past trauma , grow body awareness, regulate your nervous system and create safety within the body.

Virtual Gift Certificates

10 Class Package

10 class package is redeemable for 10 weekly classes. Regular price is $20/per class and includes:

Yoga For Trauma Healing
Reiki Sound Bath
Restorative Yoga + Reiki

Schedule available on
*Schedule and times subject to change

5 Class Package

Redeemable for 5 weekly classes valued at $20 each. Classes include:
Yoga for Trauma Healing
Restorative yoga + Reiki
Reiki Sound Bath

Schedule available online at:
*Schedule and times subject to change.

90 Minute Reiki session

90 minute Reiki healing session with Erin. Restores natural balance and vitality through channeling of life force energy.

Class Gift Certificate

Gift certificate redeemable for single admission to one of our weekly classes. Classes include:
Yoga for Trauma Healing
Restorative Yoga + Reiki
Reiki Sound Bath
Schedule available at:
Sign up in advance to reserve your spot.

Couples Reiki Sound Bath

A 90 minuted Sound Bath meditation for 2.

In-Bodyment Session

A unique intuitively led blend of experiences including:
Gentle Yoga / Embodiment Exercises
Sound healing
Neurogenic Tremoring(Trauma Releasing Modality)

Neurogenic Tremoring is a natural shaking response in the body activated through gentle yoga that releases any built up tension/trauma in the body. Similar to when an animal or child instantly shakes after after being scared, this is a response that we all naturally have that we tend to repress at we get older for fear of being seen as weak or out of control. When we don’t allow for this shaking response in the body to happen we resist our bodies natural instinct to heal, stored this tension and trauma in the body, and begin to operate as if were still in a place of danger. When we can allow for this natural shaking response in a safe comfortable environment we can then activate a release of tension and trauma and tap back into a sense of safety within ourselves.

Redeemable for 1 In-Bodyment session with Kyra Villarino

This session allows for:
A reset of the nervous system
Integration of full embodied presence
A release of tension and trauma
Activation of the body’s innate wisdom

90 min session -$111

Reiki Healing Session- 60 minutes

Redeemable for a one hour Reiki session with Kyra Villarino. Reiki is a healing modality to balance and restore ones natural life force energy.

Soul Guided Healing Session

Redeemable for a Soul Guided Healing Session ( 2 hours)
A soul guided healing session is an in depth transformative healing that incorporates
Shamanic Healing
Sound Healing
*Can include past life regression

These sessions are intuitively guided based on what energy and intent arises in our discussion.
This unique combination of modalities allows us to discover blocks or subconscious belief systems that trigger emotional responses to our environment and circumstances. Most sessions result in powerful discovery, a shift in energy and emotion, and provide lasting change around an issue.