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28 Day BodyLove Challenge

Develop a better relationship with yourself and your body. Take this Challenge to enhance your efforts to change your body because this challenge helps you develop the mindset that will help you succeed in any other program you choose to take part when it comes to diet and exercise.


Get the tools to help you Conquer Your Cravings sent right to you in your email in box! Everyday for 14 days you will be given an assignment to complete. Then we’ll meet online for a live lesson and Q&A.
Complete all 14 days and YOU WILL Have a Whole New Way to Approach Eating for Health and Wellness!
Once you Pay for your Program, You will receive a Welcome Email from me explaining how to get started on your journey to Eliminate Emotional Eating!
I am super excited to work with you and help you increase your awareness about your Emotional Eating Habits!
xoxo Fawne

PS: make sure to follow this link: bit.ly/buySlimandSassy
and purchase the Slim and Sassy Essential Oil. We’ll be using this during the program. Make sure to send me your mailing address at livingabettylife@gmail.com after you get it.

Ease Your Pain

This eight week program will give you the tools you need to ease your way out of pain, and perhaps live a pain free life! You'll work one on one with me to learn alternative healing methods that you can do for yourself to help your body heal and release the pain that is stuck inside your body, your cells and your emotions.

A Payment Plan is Available.

For More information contact me: http://bit.ly/BettyStrategySession

Eat Right Now - 8 Week Intensive Program

This is an intense 8 week program that will teach you all you need to know to eat healthy and release weight and improve health. We will connect everyday, so you will have all my expertise available to you to really improve your health and meet your body size goals. You will follow a new discipline of eating that is proven to give you the results you desire.

If you are tired of struggling with your health, are ready to clean up the food you eat and gain new healthy eating habits, if your doctor has told you your body size is a health risk, then this program is for you!

You'll also receive my Conquer Your Cravings Program as my FREE Gift for taking your Health in your own hands and firing yourself up for this eating transformation lifestyle!

A Payment Plan is available

For more information, schedule a call with me: http://bit.ly/BettyStrategySession

Self Love Challenge

You are investing in a wonderful 28 Day online Adventure that will take you from where you are now in your ability to love yourself to amazing places in your capacity of self love and self acceptance. Enjoy your journey!

Massage Special Packages

1 Hour Massage


In Home Personal Yoga & Massage Combo

A personalized Yoga Routine and Massage Therapy Session that addresses your current health issues. Whether it is physical, emotional or spiritual - yoga and massage will address and create change in your body to help you heal!

Soul Energy Transformational Healing Session

Congratulations!!! You have made an Intuitive Choice to Change Your Current Energy Vibration! A Soul Energy Healing Session is personally designed to help you realign to Your Authentic and True Self. You will remember that you are a Spectacular, Special Being Living on this Planet that has Love and Talents to Share with Others! You will become realigned with Your Soul. Your Energy Centers will be flipped on and strengthened. Your Body will feel lighter, free of pain, and emotionally neutral! You'll love it!

Wellness Coaching & Massage Integration

Enjoy the benefits of wellness coaching with bodywork. Enbodying the mental work done in the coaching session produces more solidified results. You'll release old patterns of thinking faster and attain your wellness goals sooner.

Wellness Coaching & Massage Integration 4 Session Package

Need to take your massage experience to the next level. We all know that the physical body is the last part of our whole self that manifests dis-ease. By combining your massage experience with wellness coaching, you are able to get the the root of your dis-ease by discussing your mental processing...which is the first area of the self that creates dis-ease in the body. Combining a body, mind and spiritual approach to your healing helps you and your body heal faster. You let go of worries and concerns and learn spiritual and energetic techniques that take you to the next level of your healing.

Massage 6 Pack

Healing from an injury? Stressed? Get more of what you need at a great price!

Massage 3 Pack

Get more of what you love at an affordable price!