Graduate Program Feb Wed 11.30am 2019

$ AUD1650.00
Objective: Increased understanding of each problem area Greater confidence, knowledge and skill for each and every client you see
Discussing cases with a group of like-minded Nat’s, Nut’s, Herbies & Praccies.
Upskilling your business with the support of a clinical mentor
Being part of a group in both a formal setting (classes) and informal (Fb) True support network to support your growth into practice
All online wherever you may be & all recorded for later viewing.

Graduate Program Wed 11.30. 2019 p/p

$ AUD360.00
per month for 5 months ($ AUD1800.00 total)
Graduate Program
Lectures, discussion and support with Nut, Nats, Herbies & Praccies in a supported environment for those newly graduated, returning to work or those with small client base. Price includes GST.

Hypnosis Package

$ AUD500.00
First session - Understanding your needs and have a short hypnosis session
Second session - Doing the 'work' required towards your changes... weight loss, pain, smoking, anxiety, worries, driving issues... perhaps you have one of these problems, but the list is endless, it's what you want to achieve.
Third session - Learning self hypnosis, so you can use the resources you've learnt whenever you need them.
Please make sure you have a recording device, such as your phone handy to record the session for later use.
These session work very well over the internet. You just need a secure, private and quiet room, a comfy chair a PC or laptop and a decent internet connection.

Next Level - MasterMind Group

$ AUD193.60
$ AUD15.00 initial setup plus $ AUD193.60 per month
Next Level Mentoring program for practitioners - Nats, Nuts, Herbies & Praccies.
Those practitioners with regular clients, those wanting to workshop issues, those who want help with their client cases. Ongoing support for you and your business, that second brain and the tribe of like-minded individuals there to support you, encourage you, and help you to create and maintain your dream practice. (This price includes $17.60 GST)

Paediatric Online Mastery Course

$ AUD567.00
Want to see more kids in practice?
Already seeing kids but want to feel more confident?
Ready to advance your practice and niche in family health?
Want to be able to say Yes, and feel confident when your client asks you if you'll see their child?
Loved the Paediatric Online Summit and want more?
Want to take your practice to the next level with your clients and have the confidence to do so?
Want ongoing contact with Geraldine throughout the course?
Each Mastery Course will follow on from the next, start at the beginning and discover the lifecycle of the child and the support through their age range.
Weekly online quiz to assess learning and areas of need.
Outcomes include confidence and increased skill working with children, latests research base and traditional knowledge base increased.
>Access to the *Paediatric Mastery Membership site, *Clinical Insights and *Textbook ( * these are underway with a roll out date of September 2019 and onwards, you'll have access to all 2019 items as produced).
>Monthly BioConcepts webinar access

Paediatric Online Mastery Course p/p

$ AUD105.00
$ AUD15.00 initial setup plus $ AUD105.00 every 2 weeks for 12 weeks ($ AUD645.00 total)
Paediatric Online Mastery Course payment plan.