Hypnosis Package

$ AUD300.00
First session - Understanding your needs and have a short hypnosis session
Second session - Doing the 'work' required towards your changes... weight loss, pain, smoking, anxiety, worries, driving issues... perhaps you have one of these problems, but the list is endless, it's what you want to achieve.
Third session - Learning self hypnosis, so you can use the resources you've learnt whenever you need them.
Please make sure you have a recording device, such as your phone handy to record the session for later use.
These session work very well over the internet. You just need a secure, private and quiet room, a comfy chair a PC or laptop and a decent internet connection.

Graduate Program July Intake 2018

$ AUD1500.00
Qualified Naturopaths, Nutritionists & Herbalists -
Full year mentoring program. Also available as a payment plan

Graduate Programme

$ AUD400.00
every 6 weeks for 24 weeks ($ AUD1600.00 total)
For Qualified Naturopaths, Nutritionists and Herbalists
Payment Plan - 4 payments of $400.00 on a 6 week cycle.