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Functional Medicine - New Patient Care Plans

Regain Your Health Package

Functional Medicine Rejuvenation Package

Ideal for Helping to Reversing Chronic Health Conditions Cascade such as Autoimmune Challenges, Digestive Dysfunction, Inflammation Overload, and more

Chronic Condition Aren't Created Overnight - Healing Also Takes Time. Determining Root Cause of Health Issues Requires a Process and Healing Requires a Commitment.

What is your mindset? Is restoring your health your top priority and are you committed to do what it takes to start feeling better? Despite what you've been told by other healthcare practitioners, there are solutions to chronic health conditions. At Bright Path Wellness, we are not stumped or at a loss to find a possible remedy. We are 100% committed to your health. Are you ready to heal?

Package Includes:

- Initial Health History, Evaluation & Discovery Appointment - 90 Minutes
- Report of Findings, Initial Protocol & Treatment Plan Review, Lab Test Recommendations - 60 Minutes
- Functional Medicine Consultation Appointment - 60 Minutes
- Lab Test Evaluation plus Review Appointment - 60 Minutes
- Bright Path's Comprehensive Wellness Lab Panel by Vibrant America - 73 Biomarkers
- Vibrant Wellness Laboratory Fees for WheatZoomer & Gut Zoomer
- Functional Medicine Consultation Appointment - 60 Minutes
- Monthly Functional Medicine Follow-Up Consultations - Six 30 Minute Appointments

Package Does Not Include - Treatments, Therapies or the Cost of Supplements.

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