Paths of Transformation



I am so excited to offer Illumination; a guided journey of integrating the Seven Luminaries into our lives on all levels of being.

This is the work of transformation, deep healing, and empowerment.

Since all seven luminaries are worked with we are touching on all aspects of our self; from the way we relate to our inner worlds (Moon) to our love lives and what we attract into our lives (Venus) to our energy and motivation (Mars).

I have seen this work massively transform people's lives as we integrate the seven core archetypes of the heavenly bodies: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn.

Princes, witches, mystics, and alchemists have been working to affect this integration and transformation for mellenia.

Here today we have the resources to work with these archetypes in whole new ways from our behaviors in life to our mindsets, the unconscious, and the vast troves of knowledge accumulated through the centuries.

In Illumination, we will have eight sessions starting with a full chart reading. From here we plot out our journey, perhaps for you we start with the Sun, maybe Mercury, this is all customized to navigate your own inner realms.

We then work with each of the luminaries on your time frame. Maybe its a new luminary per week, maybe we take a month or two to really dig into what comes up for you.

Along with the full chart reading we will have seven insight sessions each focused on one of the luminaries, all scheduled at your convenience.

At the end you will have learned your own relationship to the Heavenly Bodies, how they affect your confidence, your love life, the way you attract things in the world, the way you interact with responsibility, with expansion.

Not only will you discover more about yourself but we will have worked together to help you find new options, new patterns, new tools and methods to transform your relationship to the heavenly bodies and create the life you are meant to live.