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A Month of Reflection: 30 Days of Journal Prompts

Needing some journaling inspiration? Download this beautiful printable journal for 30 days of prompts to help you connect and reflect. Once you make the purchase, the journal will be sent to the e-mail provided within 24 hours!

Ceremonies: The Art of Ritual Living

Price includes tax and shipping!

Chakra Goddess

7+ hours of healing
25+ pages of channeled messages and journal prompts

Chakra Goddess Biweekly

$20.00 initial setup plus $55.00 every 2 weeks for 12 weeks ($350.00 total)
Biweekly option for the Chakra Goddess program
6 payments of $55.00!

Channeled Poetry (Written)

This poem will be channeled just for you.
The poem is infused with healing power, simply from reading the poem.

What happens:

I connect with your guides and angels. They channel a meditation for you that can bring the healing you need. Many times the poem will be connected to one or more chakras.

Sacred Psychology 101

www.chakrachelsie.com for more information

Shadow Searching Course

Shadow work can open up so much for us. It can be a new portal to inspiration, abundance, and alignment.

We do shadow work so that we can:
Develop a full understanding of ourselves.
Bring unconscious patterns and limiting beliefs to light
Feel safe and complete in who we are.
Understand how to practice a deeper level of self-care and self-love.

The Spiritual Toolbox

Get ready to be introduced to a ton of spiritual tools and concepts! This is the perfect place to get started. Once you submit payment, you will receive a link within 24 hours that will provide you access to PDFs, videos, and more!

In this self-study course, you'll learn the basics on:
The Chakras
Healing Crystals
Angel Cards
Energy Healing
Energy Protection
Angel Cards
Law of Attraction
Angel Numbers
Spirit Guides

Women's Circle

This provides access to one women's circle!

Holiday Shopping

1 Hour Intuitive Reiki Healing



Soul Therapy One Month


The Awakened You


The Awakened You- 3 Month Payment Plan

per month for 3 months ($300.00 total)

The Awakened You- 6 Week Payment Plan

per week for 6 weeks ($300.00 total)


Reiki Retreat Deposit

Once your deposit for the reiki retreat is received, you will receive an e-mail with options for starting a payment plan or paying off your balance in full.

Sacred Saturday


Sacred Saturday VIP


Sacred Self Care

Sacred Self Care Annual Package

per year

Sacred Self Care Monthly Reiki Healings

per month

The Healing Room

Boss Babe Detox

In this Detox, you'll be guided to release the energy that holds you back from embodying the badass spiritual boss babe you truly are.

I know what it's like to feel unseen, frustrated, and overwhelmed. This detox will help you clear that energy and reset to the vibe you desire to be at.

You'll get a recorded reiki healing and workbook to guide your ritual!