The No-Settle One-Night Stand

You know “that phase” when you’ve been away from dating long enough that you know you gotta do something drastic if it’s ever gonna change? Yeah, you know it. You bite the bullet, put on something that makes you feel sexy, head out somewhere social, ready to see if there’s a guy that catches your eye (mixed with feelings of dread and anticipation). And maybe if you’re lucky, you end up making a regrettable decision to make out on the street corner with the first guy who wasn’t obviously an axe murderer and could remember your name beyond the initial introduction?

That’s exactly what this is, except no terrible kissing, and you won’t have any regrets.

Enter the No-Settle One Night Stand. (It’s the one-night stand to end one night stands, unless of course that’s your thing, in which case keep it up, sister!) It’s a great first step in working with me, as it helps us determine if we're a good fit without the pressure, while ALSO creating big change for you in the process.

You know you want it, so what's next?

Book it here, and I'll reach out via email to set up our "date."

Get ready for our date by filling out the intake questionnaire, shaving your legs and putting on something sexy.

You + Me: 24 hours, 4 interludes, maybe a climax or two.
Starting with a two hour date, we’ll nail the top two or three ways you’re most likely to settle in your next relationship. Then I’ll teach you my best moves to drop those behaviors and bust out some new ones. (No twerking, I promise!)

Over the following 22 hours, I’m your wing woman (via text) as you complete a series of challenges - in your real life - to shut the door on settling, build the confidence to not reopen it, and never lose yourself again.