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Self-Study Mini Courses


Don't worry about catching up with the videos! Just get all the replays in one spot and access them whenever you want, wherever you want and for as along as you want!


Do you want to get rid of fear and self-doubt?
Take confident decisions in your business!

In this [5-VIDEO SERIES + WORKBOOK], you will learn:

#1 Discover your IDEAL business idea & lifestyle

– The simple way to pick the best business model to fit you & your abilities
– 3 questions to ask yourself before starting your biz
– 6 clarity checkpoints that determine whether your biz idea will fly or sink

#2 Overcome the fears that prevent you from getting started

– The 9 most common fears women feel when starting their businesses
– Identify which might be holding you back, and get rid of any of the 9 fears

#3 Shut down self-doubt to gain limitless success

– Learn the most common reasons why businesses fail and how to avoid it for yourself
– My best hacks for organization and self-discipline so you can succeed

#4 Make better business decisions by connecting with your intuition

– The missing piece for many women entrepreneurs
– My personal strategies to transform doubt into alignment and inspiration

#5 Revealing my top 3 secrets to success

– Simple daily steps to master the inner game of success
– The ONE counter-intuitive idea you have to apply
– How to grow your audience fast and get them primed to buy from you

Why put off creating your dream and your online coaching business?


Do you want to reconnect with your intuition to receive guidance and make the BEST decisions daily in your Life & your Business?


– Replace Self-Doubt with Powerful Intuition
– Never make bad decisions based on Fear again!

In this training, you’ll learn:
1- How to recognize the difference between FEAR and INTUITION

2 – How to TRUST yourself and let your subconscious find the BEST solution

3 – 10+ ACTIONS you can do today to INCREASE your intuition

4 – Six questions to ask yourself so you can IDENTIFY if it is FEAR or INTUITION

5 – REAL LIFE example: Traveling to Petra in Jordan (it’s not just theory)!

6 – Access to my personal Books’ RECOMMENDATION to develop your intuition!

+ BONUS: An 11-minutes GUIDED MEDITATION to reconnect with your intuition!
(total duration: 1h28min)

Why choosing to let doubts stop you from reaching your dream business and lifestyle?


Imagine what your life would look like if:
- You were feeling your absolute best in your life and in your business/work?
- You had more free time for yourself (to rest, do what you love…)
- You have more creative juice to easily create from your heart in your biz
- You had more self-confidence and understanding of yourself to guide you and make things flow more easily for you as a woman and an entrepreneur?
- You could spring back easily and faster whatever curve ball Life throws at you

>> You can be the best version of yourself without feeling like you have to work hard to get results first, or like you have to choose between health, success, freedom and money.

Here is what you will learning in the Feminine Biohacking course:

Module 1: Feminine BioHacking Principles and Customization to get your Life In Flow!

Module 2: Consistently Improve your Business Results and Happiness while Having More Free Time

Module 3: Discover the SuperPowers of the 5 Core Wounds to Radically Improve Your Life and Your Relationships

1. Activate More Flow In Your Life Daily Meditation
2. Flow and Cycle Tracking Template
3. Flow Based Calendar

100% of the students have given 5-Star reviews to the program!

9 Mindset Shifts To Start Charging Higher Prices

What if you could double your sales without working more hours?
One of my students signed-up her first $4,500 coaching client DIRECTLY AFTER APPLYING the shifts I explain in this guidebook

Grab your copy now to learn and implement immediately:
⭐ The crucial money mindset shifts you have to make if you want to go from being in the red to making profit in your business

⭐ Learn how one of my clients increased his monthly salary by $3,000 (that’s an additional $36k/year!) without having to work more

⭐ Christy booked her first $4500 client using these mindsets shifts

⭐ The #1 mistake to avoid when pricing your packages that drive so many online coaches to failure without knowing it

Know Your Numbers to Charge the Right Price

No idea how much to raise your prices for a premium package? I’ll share with you My EASY step-by-step FORMULA to define exactly how much you must charge for your business to be profitable and so much more.

Get my EASY step-by-step FORMULA to define exactly how much you must charge

In fact, you will learn:

- The crucial money mindset shift you have to make if you want to go from being in the red to making profit in your business

- The #1 mistake to avoid when pricing your packages that drive so many online coaches to failure without knowing it

- The simple change you can make to go from exhausted and financially disempowered to thriving and really knowing your numbers so that you can enjoy time with your loved ones or grab your passport and get on a plane 😉

- To calculate and create the exact PROFIT that will support your lifestyle and travels.

Deborah said: "It was an EYE-OPENER!"

Client Attracting Stories

Feeling lost in a sea of coaches who say the same things?
In this [5-VIDEO TRAINING + GUIDEBOOK], I will show you:
I will show you:
:: My Exact Step-By-Step Process to uncover what differentiates YOU from others.

:: The 5 Principles of storytelling and the Key 5 Ingredients you need to add to intrigue YOUR ideal client & make them want to learn more about working with YOU.
:: How to efficiently use Storytelling in your messaging to SELL your packages effortlessly.

>>> What this training is about:

- Video #1
The 5 MUST HAVE principles of engaging your audience through storytelling so you can use it in your branding to attract and BOOK ideal clients.

- Video #2
The 5 KEY ingredients all your stories need to have to intrigue your audience right away, so you catch them in their automatic scrolling tracks!

- Video #3
How to make the connection to attract the RIGHT client + the EXACT checklist I use myself and share with my customers, so that you can position yourself as an expert and get followers to ask about working with you.

- Video #4
The 3 POWERFUL exercises (I only share with my private clients!) to reveal what’s fascinating about you and to empower you to craft several magnetizing stories you can use in your messaging.

- Video #5
The 5 questions you NEED to ask any client, to get POWERFUL testimonials that make someone say: “OMG! I need to hire you as my Coach NOW!”

Don’t waste your chance! Get these 5 training videos so you can discover your fascinating story and turn it into a client magnet.