Erin Miller Massage Therapist

Gift certificate - 40 Minute Reflexology treatment

$ AUD50.00
Get off on the right foot with a relaxing reflexology treatment.

Gift certificate - 60 minute massage

$ AUD65.00
What do you get for someone that has everything? A massage of course!
Treat someone to a relaxing 1 hour massage and give the gift of feeling good.

Gift certificate - 90 minute massage

$ AUD90.00
Want to spoil someone special? Why not give them 90 minutes of pure bliss.

Gift certificate - 40 minute quick trip

$ AUD40.00
if you have somewhere to be why not book in for a quick massage on the way.

10 x 60 minute massages

$ AUD600.00
Make the commitment to taking care of yourself and buy 10 sessions in advance. You can even save some money so you're looking after your wallet too.

10 x 90 minute massages

$ AUD850.00
Whats better than 9 massages? Yup, you guessed it 10 massages and saving some money!