Mind Body Hoboken

Mind Body Hoboken - Gift Certificate


Mind Body Hoboken - Gift Certificate - 6 package program

6 Sessions to be used within 6 months of the start of the first session. Each session is an hour and can be used for reiki, hypnosis and meditation.

Womb Healing Experience

This package includes 6 sessions, 60 minutes each, crystals, an essential oil blend to support the womb, a sacral chakra candle for your at-home practice, and goddess cards to use for daily meditation. The crystals will be charged at your first session and will be yours to keep.

Allow access to your most powerful part through womb healing. In the first session, you will receive crystals, Goddess Wisdom essential oil blend roller, chakra candle and goddess cards. Each session has a focus and will use any of the following healing modalities, reiki, hypnosis, or meditation:
*Connecting with the Divine Feminine
*Understanding the power within
*Clearing energetic cords
*Balancing masculine and feminine energy
*Restoring the maternal bond
*Nurturing your womb

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