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You 2.0

8 Week Online Coaching Program

February 6th - March 27th

We all reach a point where we ask the question “is this as good as it gets?” Or “why doesn’t this life feel as good as it looks on paper?”

And, in my humble-life-coach-opinion, it’s one of the MOST exciting questions you could possibly be asking. Not because of how it feels NOW but because of how it WILL feel when you start to get curious about what it is you really want, how you want to be spending your time and energy, with whom you want to share this life....

Over the course of these 8 weeks together as a group, you will:

1) Get clear on who you’ve become and how that may differ from who you thought you’d be or how you thought you’d feel in your life

2) Become confident, once again, in who you are and how to follow the path you’re meant to follow.

3) Solidify a clear vision for yourself and learn how to create tangible steps to get you there over time.

With all of this in place, you will be able to begin taking immediate action in your life that will dramatically shift how you feel.