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JANUARY Workshop

4 Week Detox Your Life ---> Payment Plan

$100.00 initial setup plus $260.00 per month for 3 months ($880.00 total)
Dates: Jan 11- Feb 8th
First Circle Monday January 11th 
10-Day Detox Jan 14-Jan 23th
4 Monday Circles with group
30 Days, including individual support sessions for nutrition and meditation.

Join Debra Hess and Heather Ciprani for a 4-week journey, a wellness makeover, for your mind, body and emotions. You will be guided through a nutritional and emotional cleanse for 10 days, followed by a transition time that will help give you the tools to empower you and take back control of your health, both nutritionally and mentally. All of this will be from the comfort of your own home or space, virtually through Zoom.

Food Empowerment: You might think there is no way something as simple as nutrition could change your life, but it’s actually the only real solution. Most pills and prescriptions just mask symptoms. Working with Heather isn’t about a dictated diet plan. It’s about expanding your knowledge and owning the power you have to live the life you want with food. You will be shown the principles of traditional foods, so you are able to confidently nourish yourself, your family, and friends with delicious, whole foods.

Emotional Empowerment: Like nutrition, emotional education and application has the power to take you from states of dis-empowering thoughts, actions and beliefs into the empowering language and expression of your true Self; confident, free flowing and resilient.
Expanding the language of your emotions, both cognitively and physiologically will have a direct impact and correlation to your relationship with food, nutrition and self image!

Heather and I believe firmly in the necessary coupling of these two innate systems of knowledge to own the power you have to live the life you want with food.

COST: 4 weeks (30 Days): $880 (Value $981)

What’s included:
• Supplement cost (Value $215) - with your custom protocol
• WELCOME intro (Value $40) - Day 1 - 60 mins
• Weekly Women’s Circle (Value $160) - 4 sessions (60mins)
• Nutritional Guidance 1:1 (Value $350). - 2 sessions (90mins)
• Co-meditation session 1:1 (Value $216). - 2 sessions (75mins)
• Facebook Group for support, questions and sharing
` • Journal