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Choose a Landscaping Class that Suits Your Needs

We offer 4 distinct classes year round.
Raised Bed gardening, Sod installation and repair, creating butterfly gardens and irrigation maintenance and repair.
When you are ready simply choose the class and date that suits you and prepare to enter a hands on teaching experience in your subject

Take All 4 Landscaping Classes

Immerse yourself in all 4 Landscaping classes. Each class is a hands on learning experience and you have a variety of dates to pick from.
Purchased together, you receie a 5% discount

Locating, Designing and Installation of a Butterfly Garden $350.00 Only 10% Paid now

This Gift certificate is good for the identification of an optimal location for a butterfly garden, the design of the area, as well as the installation of 20 butterfly attracting plants (including milkweed for caterpillars), the labor to install and one cubic yard of mulch (cypress, pine bark, chocolate or red) to protect the plants.

The area of a butterfly garden this size would take up approximately 180 square feet.

You pay 10% today ($35.00), when your gift recipient finishes their design appointment with us you will be billed $140.00. On the day we complete, we will bill you the remaining balance of $175.00

Annual Irrigation Protection Plan

Protects your sytem through one year with 3 inspections. Each inspection includes, minor adjustments to heads, adjusting times on clock for optimal watering, verification of operational rain sensor, 10% discount on repairs if needed.