Jennifer Villanueva, LMT Lic# 21309

60 Minute Massage Gift Certificate

Focus on a problem, or just a full body massage, a 60 minute is perfect for the regular massage goer.

90 Minute Massage Gift Certificate

Perfect for those who have a problem area but still would like a full body massage.

120 Minute Massage Gift Certificate

The ultimate in relaxation or therapeutic massage, if it's been a while since your last massage or you just love it that much, this is for you!

60 Minute Hot Stone Massage Gift Certificate

Have you ever held a hot ceramic cup and thought how good it feels on your hands? Imagine now that kind of warm comfort being used during massage! What better way the relax than to use heat to melt away tight muscles.

90 Minute Hot Stone Gift Certificate

Perfect for those who have a hard time relaxing and receiving deep tissue massage. Allow the heat to soothe your muscles into relaxation without the pain of deep tissue.

120 Minute Hot Stone Massage Gift Certificate

A wonderful way to pamper yourself. There is no questions that a 2 hour massage combined with hot stone is one of the most rewarding things you can do for yourself!

Bundle Package Purchasing

4 hrs of massage time at $200.00, that can be used in any time break down combination over a 10 week period. No memberships and no contract. If there is any unused massage time at the end of the 10 weeks and you would like to purchase another Bundle Package, the unused time will be rolled over for continued use. Must be an existing client.