Metabodyworks: Emerge, Balance, Thrive

Pain Management (includes 6 sessions and consultation)

Detoxification Massage $350

Detoxification of all organs. Each session focuses on different organs to release toxins and build up in order to increase circulation in the body. This helps the body function better and restore your health back to normal.

Detoxification Massage for Specific Conditions $350


Wi-fi Detox Massage $350

Did you know our skull make up 9 antennas? We are constantly bombarded with wi-fi signals in our everyday life. This can disrupt our flow in life creating upsets and imbalance in our physical and mental energy field.

This work combines detox massage, cranial-sacral massage and Reiki.

Massage for Specific Conditions $350

This package is designed to make real progress into recovery of chronic or acute problems. A one hour treatment taken concurrently can stop negative feedback cycles and generate positive ones.