DJ Shortee

Gift Certificates


The perfect gift for the DJ in your life who:

⭐ Needs some 1-on-1 training and wants to try out a private online DJ lesson
⭐ Is a returning student of mine who needs a quick refresher and/or needs help with a specific DJ-related task or challenge they've been dealing with.

🎧 Your DJ loved one can ask me their burning Q’s, score some sweet feedback and learn a few things to help move them closer to their DJ dreams. I’ll welcome your DJ into my virtual studio as we assess where they're at and discuss their best options moving forward if they'd like to continue with additional lessons.

GIFT CERTIFICATE: Power Pack - 5 Online DJ Lessons (90 min each - 5% OFF)

🎧 The Power Pack is the perfect gift for the DJ in your life who needs multiple private lessons allowing for ample time to create a solid foundation and start to make progress towards their DJ goals.

We'll be able to tackle multiple specific DJ-related tasks and challenges they've been struggling with so they can get closer to attaining their DJ dreams.

GIFT CERTIFICATE: Mentorship - 10 Online DJ Lessons (90 min each - 10% OFF)

🌟BEST DEAL: 10 Online Private Lessons - 90 min each (10% off = 1 FREE LESSON!) 🌟

🎧 The Mentorship package is the perfect gift for the DJ in your life who needs a onging private lessons with an experienced & nurturing mentor who can help guide them to where they want to be.

10 coaching sessions provides your DJ loved one with the most growth, consistency, accountability, instruction, and feedback.

They’ll have more time to absorb each topic and cover a variety of skills. This ongoing plan is ideal, especially if they need my help in achieving long-term or large-scale DJ goals.