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Inner Space Journey

Inner Space Journey

An Inner Space Journey is designed to relax you, expand you, increase your flow and vibrancy. With a combo of vibrational tuning & sound healing, light field illumination, energy field alignment, chakra & element balancing. Balance your body, mind and energy field, leaving you relaxed, in tune with life, radiant and bright.

Energy alignment work increases flow in your energy field, which in turn helps to balance your mind, your emotions, your physical body and restore you to balance.
It assists your physical body "stuff" - injuries or headaches or pain reduction overall health, increase immune system strength. It helps for sure your mental body to relieve stress and mental "chatter" or with sleep issues. It soothes your nervous system and helps balance hormones. In general when your energy is flowing, all is optimal in function. And things can shift in the energy field much faster that in our physical and lead to lasting results.

Work one-on-one with Julie to energize, revitalize and upgrade your light body! Julie uses Inner Space LIGHT BODY TECHNOLOGY to assist you in leveling up your coherent information light field. Communicate more easily between dimensions, time and spaces. Open Stargazes and Cosmic Flow and knowledge. Activate the KEYS in your own Living Body of Light. Assisting you to maintain centered connection to your SOUL and LIGHT.

We use the tools of conscious connection:
Sound Codes & Vibrational Tuning (tuning forks, chimes, crystal pyramids, bowls)
Sat Nam Rasayan (the art of relaxing into your true self)
Elements of Life (balance of earth, water, fire, air, ether/space)
Energy Field Alignment (Chakra Balance and Tuning)
Light Field, Light Codes, Light Language and Rays