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Monthly Membership

per month
Our membership program is flexible and will allow you to choose up to 1.5 hours of floating, massage therapy, zero gravity massage chairs or functional mobility each month. You can do a couple of short floats one month, a regular massage the next month, or do a combination. For those interested in functional mobility, that option is also available to you at the same cost.

Choose between the following each month:

- 1 Regular Float or Massage (1.5 hour)
- 2 Short Floats or Massages (45 minutes each)
- 1 Short Float and 1 Short Massage (45 minutes each)
- Initial Functional Mobility Session & 1 follow-up (first month) & 2 follow-ups per month after that
- 3 Zero Gravity Massage Chair Sessions (30 minutes each)

Members also get 20% OFF additional services. Memberships cannot be shared, but if you bring a friend along with you, we'll give them 20% off, too! Unused services do not roll over.