Intuitive Reiki Healing Packages

Intuitive Reiki Healing Package: Five Sessions


Intuitive Reiki Healing Package: ONE Session


Intuitive Reiki Healing Package: Three Sessions


Intuitive Spiritual Guidance Packages

Intuitive Spiritual Guidance Package: FIVE Sessions


Intuitive Spiritual Guidance Package: THREE Sessions

Save money with this package of three Intuitive Spiritual Guidance Sessions.

Intuitive Spiritual Guidance: ONE Session


New Years Package

New Years Intuitive Reading Package

We will start with a 30 minute session to start your new year off with getting crystal clear on your 2022 intention.
Privately, Christine will pull your cards for each month of the year and a theme card. She will type up the messages and send you a copy.
If you are a member of the private facebook group SOUL DEVELOPMENT CIRCLE you will see your cards posted at the first of each month to keep you connected to the guidance throughout the year.
Then at the end of the year we will have a 30 minute follow up and set up your intentions for the next year if you would like to do another year reading with me.
Your intention will be placed in a sacred box that receives reiki energy transmissions monthly for your accelerated manifestation of your intentions for the year.

Soul Journeys Packages

Soul Journey: Integral Energetic Hypnosis Package

A Three Session Package of Integral Energetic Hypnosis
1. Assessment and Consult 1 Hour
2. Soul Journey Process 2 Hours
3. Follow-Up and Personalized Self-Hypnosis Homework 1 Hour

After you check out, you will receive an email titled product order: "your name".

In this email you will see a link that says 'schedule' in blue, use this link to book each session in your package.

Each item will need to be booked separately.

Please allow at least 2 weeks between your main hypnosis session and the follow up session, to allow time for integration of the experience prior to the follow up.