Shanna A. Jefferson

Visions of Greatness Academy

{Academy} Rock Your Vision: 30 Day Business Bootcamp

In this four-module self-guided course, I’m going to show you exactly how you can streamline, organize and get your business into tip-top shape and finally…

✓ Stop paying for tools you don’t need! (This is major cause of stress for many entrepreneurs. I’m over it, and I bet you are, too!)
✓ Make more cash without creating more content– just by finding and refining assets you’ve already got!
✓ Say see ya to shiny object syndrome (and all the overwhelm that comes with it), once and for all!
✓ Repurpose old, forgotten content into new, immediate money-makers–so you can finally let go of old projects for good and make space for new ideas!
✓ Discover exactly which projects, side hustles and offers are sucking up your precious resources–so you can let them go for good (without guilt)
✓ Reset your business—and get back into the flow with renewed confidence and clarity!

Positive Affirmation Journal

Enter a world of mindset-shifts, and feel brave enough to start chasing your biggest goals using our 31-day Positive Mindset Journal!

✏️ Keep a positive mindset everyday for 31 days!
✏️ Start the gratitude journaling habit + keep a positive outlook on life
✏️ Pinpoint toxic relationships & be more self-aware
✏️ Kick their negative self-talk to the curb + feel more confident!
✏️ Boost their self-esteem to pursue big goals & dreams

Kick-start your new week (or the coming month) now!

Get your 31-day Positive Mindset Journal here: http://tiny.cc/MentalWellnessBundle

*Promo runs until November 27, 2020 only.


{Academy} Self-Care Bootcamp

In this four-module self-guided course — complete with an Action Plan you can implement at the end of each module and exercise worksheet to help you define your own self-care plan – I’m going to show you how you can finally…

Start taking care of ALL of you: mind, body and spirit, so you can transform your life and business (and feel happier and more successful, too)

Create a strong and healthy body, so you have the much-needed energy and stamina to grow a thriving business

Nurture your emotional well-being and safeguard against emotional burnout by setting firm boundaries (finally!)

Make REAL time for the things you want and the people and activities that are important to you!