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$250 Training Deposit

This is a non refundable deposit to secure your seat for training that must be completed within the next 24 hrs.


per month
Deposits are Non Refundable
Must be made within 24 hrs to secure your date and time


Bloom Hair Cell Regeneration

For moderate to severe hair loss, Bloom has developed a cell growth energy combination using Jinan University’s patented technology-nano cell regeneration technology, which can effectively activate hair follicle regeneration, inhibit hair follicle degeneration, and regain density of lost or sparse hair.

Bloom Hair Growth Nutrient Solution

For mild to moderate hair loss, it is generally recommended to use Bloom pure organic ingredients formula hair growth nutrient solution.
Bloom Hair Nutrient Solution contains extracts of ginseng, fleece flower root, skullcap and other plants hair growth essences, which can provide sufficient nutrients to the scalp. These active ingredients nourish the scalp and hair roots, and prevent hair loss Ideal for strong hair growth.

Gift Certificate

Sunspot/Age Spot Treatment


$100 Gift Certificate

Good towards salon services

$150 Gift Certificate


$20 Gift Certificate

No refund. Good for 1 year after the date of purchase

$200 Gift Certificate

This $200 gift certificate is good for any services & classes. This gift card does not expire. May not be valid should insufficient funds occur on buyers end.

$25.00 Gift Certificate

No refund. Good for 1 year after the date of purchase

$50 Gift Certificate

No refund. Good for 1 year after the date of purchase

$90 Gift Certificate

Gift certificate valid for the following services; lash or pmu classes, hair, lashes, pmu, & manicure.

Scheduling & Appearing for scheduled appointments are purchasers responsibility. No refund & No-Show charges may apply.

With Love, Pang Membership

Platinum Membership (6 months) Normally $49.99

- Rewards Card that can be Used towards Services & Products
- Teeth whitening Rewards
- Model Contact List for FREE services
- Exclusive Service Rates
- FREE Olaplex and Deep Conditioning Add ons with Services

VIP Membership (1 Year) Normally $69.99

- Product and Service Giveaways
- FREE Service Opportunities from Hair, Skin, Nails, Lashes, & PMU Services
- Reward Card to Use towards Services & Products
- Membership Key Chain
- Free cuts with color services
- Exclusive Service Rates
- Model Contact List for FREE services
- Welcome Good Rewards
- Infrared sauna Rewards
- Perks with other Businesses
- 10% off with other stylists and lash artists
- Priority on Waitlist
- So Much MORE