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2018 Tax Act Make Sure My Withholding is Accurate

Both the IRS and the state have said many more people will be under-withheld this year. They recommend reviewing your tax situation and your W4 withholdings to make sure you are not one of them. We will review your current tax situation and your W4 then make recommendations now, so you are not surprised at tax time.

Business IRS Account Monitoring Service

Annual IRS account monitoring to help make sure your account stays in good standing and the IRS stays off your back while you are making your IRS payments, so you can stay focused on your business without worrying about the IRS. We will periodically pull transcripts and proactively contact you to address any issues we find before they become a big deal. This is an annual service.

Business Return - Extension Request

If you would like your business return please complete the following questions. Business returns are due March 15th and an extension makes the new due date September 15th. Please put the name of your business and the last four of the business Employer Identification Number in the notes field. Each business must have separate extension request.

Individual IRS Account Monitoring Service

Annual individual IRS accounting monitoring so you can sleep better at night knowing we are watching out for you. We will periodically pull transcripts and review them to make sure IRS records are accurate and your payment plan is working as it should. This is an annual service.

Individual 1040 extension request

To extend your return, please write your full name and the last four of your social security number in the notes field.

Please remember an extension only extends the due date of the return. If anything is owing, it is due April 15, 2018. Amounts owing but not paid by then will incur penalty and interest. The extended due date of the return is October 15, 2019

Extra Paper Copies of Tax Returns

Copies of tax returns prepared by our office are loaded to each clients portal in PDF format. Additional copies printed for you are $35 per year requested. When you place the order write the years(s) requested in the notes box and if needed, change the quantity to reflect the number of years requested.

How to Solve Your Tax Problem on Your Own