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Power UP: Magical Tumble Pouch (+delivery)

SGD 30.00
Power Up. This power pack combines the motivational and rejuvenating energy of Carnelian and Fluorite with the clarity of Amethyst - supercharged by Clear Quartz.

Amethyst - clarity & confidence
Carnelian - motivates for success
Clear Quartz - recharges energy and amplifies other crystals
Fluorite - rejuvenates & balances

Perfect for carrying around as you go about your day or tucked under your pillow to bring their lovely energies in as you slumber, it’s also a great way to familiarise yourself with crystal varieties, and are terrific gifts for those around you who could use a little boost.

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Self-Care Starter Pack

SGD 28.00
Give the gift of self-care.
Self-care is incredibly important to our mental and emotional well-being. We all know someone who could use a little mood lift in these challenging times. Show them you care with this delightful Self-Care Pack from exhale and our partners!

We’ve put together a little package of items designed to comfort and cheer, with some simple but meaningful activities on the Self-Care Bingo to get them started.

Your recipient will get a little pouch with three tumbled crystals that will soothe, protect and bring in those much-needed positive vibes, a lotus origami for some mindful activity, and a bag of deliciously addictive granola to munch on. To add to all of this, there's a $20 discount voucher off exhale private yoga & reiki sessions, as well as 15% off Capybarasnax granola.

When they’re done, there’s a stamped postcard for them to pass the cheer on to another person - or perhaps send you a thank you note!

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