10 x 30 minute 1:1 Personal Coaching

$ NZD400.00
This package gives you 10 x 30 minute sessions one on one with a coach.

16 x 30 minute 1:1 Personal Coaching

$ NZD576.00
This package gives you 16 x 30 minute sessions one on one with a coach.

4 Week Nutrition Challenge

$ NZD150.00
Can you commit 4 weeks into putting a higher focus on your nutrition?

This is a kick start challenge - We are focussing on the basics of getting quality food into our daily routines, how to create a balanced meal and tips to keep you on track.

Can you drop the junk food, alcohol, and excess sugar for four weeks and replace it with a whole lot of goodness into your day? Like various real foods, regular exercise and better recovery

Can you follow along with the daily and weekly actions to ensure you get the most out of this challenge?

Be a part of a supportive environment, everyone is on their own journey, but we are all aiming to improve our own health!

Private On Ramp - Beginners course

$ NZD120.00
The private On Ramp is 3 x 30 minute sessions, in a one on one setting with a coach. During the Private On Ramp you still go over the same basic movements as the Group On Ramp, however the schedule is much more flexible to suit your availability.

- 3 x 30 minute sessions
- Learn the basics
- Flexible scheduling
- One on one with a coach
- Start when you're ready
- A workout in each class