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SCI 10-2hour Sessions


SCI, 10 Sessions


Welcome Package (5 Private Sessions)

This package is designed for the beginner and newcomer to the studio. Five private sessions give us and you an opportunity to get to know each other through assessment, health history, and movement. This is where fundamentals are taught to make sure we are doing our best to serve you and set you up for success as you progress in your practice.

Private. Single Session

Each private session begins with a warm up and progresses into the fundamentals of Pilates. Your instructor will customize a program to help you achieve your goals based on your fitness level, feedback, and individual needs. Private sessions are perfect for those new to Pilates and hoping to become familiar with the equipment and practice, as well as for those more experienced practitioners looking for the next fitness challenge. Private sessions are an investment in your health and well-being.

Privates. 5 Sessions - Senior Instructor

5 private sessions.

Privates. 10 Sessions - Senior Instructor

Ten private sessions.

Privates 20 Sessions - Senior Instructor

20 private sessions

Scoliosis - Initial Consultation

Evaluation and analysis of body position. We will begin the foundation of teaching you how to strengthen, breath and use elongation to work towards a more neutral spine.

Scoliosis Training - Single Session

For clients with scoliosis, work exclusively with Catherine to tailor a workout just for you. She will help you align your spine with breathing techniques and padding.

Scoliosis Training - 5 Session


Scoliosis Training - 10 Session


Scoliosis Training - 20 Session


Duet, single person price, single session

A duet is a 55-minute, semi-private session with two participants and one instructor. Duets are a cost effective way to get a personalized workout. Friends or partners can help keep you motivated and accountable,'s FUN!

Duet Class, 5 classes

5 duet sessions, per person

Duet Class, 10 classes

10 duet sessions, per person

Duet Class, 20 classes

20 duet sessions, per person

Equipment Class 1 Class

The equipment was created to both support and challenge the body’s core musculature. The spring resistance assists weak areas of the body and encourages the development of core strength while emphasizing proper joint alignment. Flowing movements link together through mindful breathing to challenge your balance, coordination, and abdominals. Working on the equipment can not only be therapeutic, it can also be fun and challenging.

Equipment Class, 5 Classes

5 classes on equipment

Equipment Classes, 10 classes

10 classes on equipment

Equipment Classes, 20 classes

20 classes on equipment

Mat Classes - 1 Class

Mat Pilates is available in a class setting of up to 10 people. We teach movement in a safe environment so that everyone gets the best possible instruction while building strength to suit their body. Modifications are offered for the students at their level. If you have diagnosed osteoporosis and/or osteopenia please make the instructor aware so that modifications specific to you can be made appropriately. We work on developing strength and flexibility, improving posture, and preventing

Mat Class, 10 Classes

10 classes of mat Pilates

Mat Class, 20 classes

20 classes of mat Pilates