Weekly Challenges

🤖 Optimise & Automate Your Life - 25 Weekly Challenges 🤖

Do you believe you can make MASSIVE changes happen to reach your BIG dreams and goals?

Not sure? Don’t worry. That's not what the weekly challenges are about.

We’re focusing on 1% change, but total commitment.

I ask you to rebuild your self trust by making small easy changes consistently.

Small changes over time build up to transformational change.

And when you show yourself you CAN do things differently, long term, you change your self beliefs and open up a world of opportunity.

And in 6 months time, you’ll look back and will be amazed how far you’ve come.

Each Monday Morning You'll receive an email with your challenge for the week. From choosing how you spend your time, to creating your very own 10 commandments, to practising a little more self love.

These challenges will help you create the habits, routines and behaviours to set you up for success.