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Acne LED Package

This package of 6 treatments will help your skin get clear faster because it kills the bacteria in your pores and reduces inflammation! Coming in 2 times a week is recommended.

For a special person

This is good for products or services.

For a special person

For services and goods. Enjoy!

Acne Package

On average it takes 90 days to get your skin clear if you get your acne facials every 2 weeks and start a new home care routine. This package of 4 acne facials saves you $40 and covers more than half of the facials that you will be getting during your first 90 days!

Anti-Aging LED Package

10 (1-2 times a week) treatments for either acne or anti-aging. Includes cleansing, LED light therapy, a light peel, moisturizer and SPF. You save $140.00

Anti-Aging Face Sculpting Package

A series of 5 skin firming treatments, its like a mini facelift. You save with 40.00

Revitalizing Anti-Aging Package

(1 hour) Smooth out those fine lines and fade the sun damage that has developed throughout your life with a series of 10 anti-aging facials and save $400. This combination of a skin firming microcurrent treatment and LED therapy to even out pigmentation, boost collagen and elastin all finished up with a peel for sensitive skin will result in a beautiful fresh face that you know is still in there. Coming in 2 times a week is highly recommended.

Brazilian Wax Club

per month
Some of us have hair that grows fast, this club lets you come in for a Brazilian clean-up as many times as you need per month so you can stay fresh and smooth.

Clear and Fade Treatment Package

A series of 4 treatments for your face that help to clear up black heads and lighten hyper pigmentation.. You save $20

Diamond Microdermabrasion Package

5 treatments with a savings of $50 for a more effective treatment of minor acne scars, hyper pigmentation, and fine lines. Includes a mini peel and serum

Express Facial Club

per month
This is for the person who needs to freshen up their complexion in between running errands or on your lunch break. It includes cleansing, an exfoliating mini peel mild extractions, a moisturizer and SPF. Come in as many times a month as you need to!

Lash Club

per month
Typical Lash extension fills are every 2 weeks, the lash club lets you come in for a fill as many times as you want!