Manifest Monthly Subscription Program

Hot Balsalt Stones Mobile Massage Membership

per month
During the duration of this session natural heated stone's will be utilized as tool's to assist client's with deeper release and relaxation during the muscle manipulation process. This session is both relaxing yet very therapeutic. Warm Basalt Stones will warm up the muscle fibers faster giving us more time to penetrated deeper down in tight muscles for efficient results and zero soreness!

Mobile Massage Monthly Membership

per month
Experience Therapeutic Healing Massage Service's in the luxury of your own home!

Monthly Membership 2hours

$25.00 initial setup plus $150.00 per month

Monthly Membership 60mins

$20.00 initial setup plus $80.00 per month
Stay consistent with your self care by investing in Monthly Massages at a discounted rate!

Monthly Membership 90mins

$25.00 initial setup plus $115.00 per month