$50 gift voucher

This voucher entitles the bearer to put $50 towards a wellbeing coaching and improvement session of their choice. (available to redeem on the: www.sonjacourtis.com'work-with-me booking page.

Must be used within 120 days of purchase.

8 session monthly payment option

NZ$10.00 initial setup plus NZ$280.00 per month for 4 months (NZ$1,130.00 total)
This is an 8 session (3-6 month) package with sessions to be completed within a six month period.

Stress and Anxiety relief with SonjaC

NZ$5.00 initial setup plus NZ$10.00 per month
The focus of this group is to assist you to find ways of dealing with your stress, anxiousness and worry. There will be monthly stress relief webinars and ongoing posts and support to help you feel better daily. A great way to connect and lift your energy, and remind you of what it takes to feel better.

Overcoming Birth Trauma Package

This package is for women who are experiencing PND and PNA and specifically wish to work on overcoming birth trauma. If you have one or more birth experiences that were traumatic in anyway. This series of sessions is designed to clear this trauma to bring about greater wellbeing, as well as support any residual issues (anxiety, trauma, ADHD) that this has created for young people. 3 - 4 sessions is the minimum number of sessions required to create shifts and improvements.