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Vedic Jyotish Reading and Customized Practice

Improve the Quality of Your Life

A Jyotish session and customized practice will help you discover how to align with the current cycle of Nature's most prevalent life force available to you at this time. This deepened understanding was brought forth by the ancient Rishi's (seers of wisdom from the Himalayas of India) to help eliminate fear and frustration while maximizing your life's potential. The information provided does not determine your fate but does reveal specific wisdom on how to align with your highest power and move forward with trust.

Get a customized practice to:
• Sync up with the flow and rhythm of nature to overcome obstacles
• Move forward with less friction and greater ease

It’s a clear and simple process for those committed to growing and evolving daily.

Package includes:

1. Vedic Jyotish Reading and Customized Practice

2. Two follow-up Accountability Sessions to make the most of your reading and your customized practice moving forward

How it Works:

Upon purchasing your package, please provide your birth details that include your:
Place, date, and exact time of your birth.

Over a two-week period, we will create and review your Jyotish chart beforehand, and then you will meet for your first session to go over opportunities that are currently available to you.

Then, we will share a customized practice to help you integrate and maximize meaningful possibilities to help you refresh yourself and your life. We’ll connect again for two more shorter sessions to see how you’re doing with your practice, and answer any questions you may have.

This can be a life changing process for those who fully commit to the practice.