High Tides Project Plan in 3 Steps

The Project Planning Session is how we kick off a longer coaching relationship. We will create your Project Action Plan in 3 Steps

1) Together we will assess your current level of satisfaction in all areas of your life (career, well being, spirituality, finances, relationships) and get clear on what you desire in each area. This is done in your first 90 minute to two hour appointment

2) Then leveraging the power of visualization you will build out specifically what that looks like to you leveraging a journaling exercise to help you extract your future vision.

3) We come back together ( 5-8 business days later) in a final one hour session to craft a detailed project plan consisting of SMART milestones to hold you accountable to making your vision a reality.

Your Project Plan serves as the foundation of our session agendas moving forward with your coaching program or can serve as a self directed Action Plan that you can use to actualize your goals independently.


Public Speaking 6 Session Pack

Become a pro at public speaking with personalized coaching for keynotes, workshop facilitation, facilitation and sitting on panels, storytelling and business presentations.

Your 6 pack of sessions includes 300 minutes of training that may be redeemed in increments as little as 30 minutes or as long as 2 hours.

In person session requests must be scheduled through email communication with Marie and is available when geography permits. :)

Follow up email, text and feedback on decks, video recordings and audio practice are available between sessions.


Consulting Package (15-30)

$300.00 initial setup plus $600.00 per month
Bi weekly business consulting sessions of 1 hour each. Billed at $600 month, with the first month being $300 if start date is after the 15th. Last month deposit ($600) due at contract start. Minimum 4 month commitment

Consulting Package

$600.00 initial setup plus $600.00 per month
This is a one hour consulting session. Video call credentials will be sent when the appointment is confirmed. In person sessions are available upon request by emailing Marie directly to arrange.

Life/Executive Coaching

New Client Package

$1200.00 initial setup plus $1200.00 per month

New Client Package

$212.50 initial setup plus $850.00 per month
Monthly coaching plan. Grants Client 4 sessions per month. Each session is 1-1.5 hours in duration.

New Client Package (8th-14)

$900.00 initial setup plus $1200.00 per month

New Client Package (15-21)

$600.00 initial setup plus $1200.00 per month

New Client Package (22-28)

$300.00 initial setup plus $1200.00 per month

MH 6 Sessions - 2 Payments

every 6 weeks for 12 weeks ($1360.00 total)

JVW 6 Month Plan (12 Weekly Sessions) monthly biling

per month for 6 months ($1950.00 total)
Credit of $650 applied to 6 month bi weekly plan. Balance to be paid in 5 equal payments $325 beginning in April 2018. 8/7/18 session cancelled due to coach error. Client gifted one additional one hour session as a result