KN95 Mask

Upgrade the mask given, this mask comes individually wrapped.

These masks fit snug to the face, some find them more comfortable. You will be able to take this home and continue to wear if the cover hasn't become damaged or damp. It can not be washed and reused the way a cloth mask can.

I will be providing a Fluid Resistant Surgical Mask (IIR) for use during the session, this is item is an optional upgrade if you find them more comfortable.

Face Shield

A comfortable and adjustable face shield. It come in its own bag so can be cleaned and rebadged to be used again for your next session.
This will protect your face and eyes that little bit further than the googles or just just a mask.
I will give you this at your in person appointment and it will be yours to take home and bring to future sessions.

Safety Goggles

An optional extra, you may purchase your own safety glasses that will protect your eyes openings during close up part of the treatment.
You will then need to bring these to each session as you desire.
You will be given the glasses in the face to face session, they come individually wrapped.