Stress Made Simple

Nutrition Coaching

Elite Nutrition Coaching

$99.00 initial setup plus $199.00 every 4 weeks
Nutritional guidance and coaching using our custom training app, the Fitbit platform, and our stress management coaching platform.

This involves you logging your food in the FItbit app / web platform, logging your activities and workouts in our training app, and taking a 5 minute morning resilience and readiness measurement every morning (just using an app and heart rate strap).

We provide ongoing messaging support in our custom training app and weekly video coaching call support and guidance in ZOOM.

Resilience Coaching

Primary SMS Concierge Coaching

every 4 weeks

Resilience Self-Mastery Coaching

$99.00 initial setup plus $199.00 every 4 weeks
Initial survey and video coaching call (using ZOOM) to review and set up initial strategy, follow up coaching calls of either 15 min or 30 min totaling 60 min every 4 weeks as we work on self mastery.
Messaging access to your coach 24x7 in our custom coaching app