Kim Smith IBCLC & Doula

6 Weeks of Support

$ CAD500.00
We will start with a phone call while you are pregnant so that I can learn about you. I want to hear about your experience with breastfeeding until now, your goals and hopes. It will be where you start your breastfeeding experience vision. This call will be about 30 minutes long.

Once your baby arrives, we begin our in-person sessions together. I will be there for your baby’s very first or one of their first breastfeeding sessions or within the first 24 hours. (To be determined during your initial phone call.) We will focus on optimal positioning and latching your baby to the breast. If there are concerns with latching we will employ strategies to lead to successful breastfeeding such as hand expression, handling a sleepy baby and navigating all the options and choices you may have.

The next time we see each other will be within 48 hours. (Day 2-3) We will assess how baby is doing, how you are doing, how your latch is feeling (nipple pain & preventing damage is a priority.) We will review position & latch, getting you more confident in your skills and your baby's ability. Gaining confidence in breastfeeding is the goal of this session.

From there we will plan to meet again on day 3-5. This should be when you feel the phenomena often referred to as “milk coming in”. (Hint: Milk is always there…there is just a sensation that occurs after a few days post birth). I will teach you how to deal with the new feelings and sensations and changes in breastfeeding when this happens. You might not believe that breastfeeding can change that soon after birth, but it changes daily for the first few days and weeks.

Our fourth appointment together will be somewhere in the first week, day 7-10. This is typically when the early feeding challenges may arise. You will be well supported in this time to ensure you get any issues and concerns remedied as soon as possible. If I think you need any specific products or feeding adjustments these will be suggested at this appointment. The goal of this appointment is to keep you motivated & encouraged to push through any difficulties.

After the 4th appointment, you will have two more appointments to be used over the next few weeks, up until your baby is 6 weeks old. This time will be used to assess any strategies used to overcome difficulties, learn more breastfeeding lifestyle strategies & answer questions you might have. These appointments will help you master the art & skill of breastfeeding.

A copy of Your Breastfeeding Experience Manual and any relevant handouts needed throughout your experience.

Continuous support for the first six weeks of your breastfeeding experience.
Space is limited for this package offering.

The estimated value of this package is over $900. From now until Dec 31, 2018 I am providing this package for an introductory cost of $500. This means 6 visits with an individual value of $75-150, for one price of $500.

If you are expecting a baby after Dec 31, you can still take advantage of this price. You can book your spot now.