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$175 Gift Card

$175 towards any treatment or class

75 Minute Reiki Session

Buy someone you love the calming presence of gentle relaxation. Helps with focus and clarity.

105 Minute Reiki Session

For that someone who is running on fumes! 90 minutes is a deeper way to recharge and offers the recipient a little more time, which they may not normally take for themselves!

Treament Packages

5 for $500

Five 75-minute sessions good for 6 months after the purchase date! This is great for your monthly upkeep or the current series of healings.

Please note these are for one person (unless previously discussed) and expire after 6 months!

5 Pack Distance Reiki (by phone)


New Client Special 5 Pk

This is for all new clients!

Summer Self Love Series

This is the summer self love series! 12 weeks with full payment. 10 weeks with payment plans. Look forward to big changes. We've got a big world to step into. Are you here for it? There will always be opportunities, if this is not your time. But for those of us who are...let's go!

5 Pack / 75 minutes

20% savings!

5 Pack / 105 Min

20% savings!

Student Special 5 Pack (current students only)

Student special -- 5 Reiki treatments to work on you