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Six Growth Session Subscription

per month for 6 months ($2100.00 total)
I'm excited to start working our Mystic Roadmap Program together! You are here because we already had a two hour Prelude Session and you have decided to work with me for the next 6 months to reach your goals. I'm honored and rest assure that I'm deeply invested in your dreams too!

We are committing to a 6 Growth Sessions together: Each session is 1.5 hours

Growth Sessions reveal themselves in the following two forms according to our needs:

Accountability session: This is our bread and butter session. We come together to talk about priorities, brainstorming, planning, problem solving, options, and so on. We also use these sessions to review assignments, new work, the results of past decisions or the details of a current work process. You will always get a clear assignment to work on for next month.

Hands on Session: These are the sessions where we practice a particular movement of energy together. We learn a new tool, or I walk you through an exercise that is complemented with a worksheet. These are vital sessions because they give you new lifetime tools that will become the substance of your business and personal growth.

The day of your session we will meet via Zoom - you will join by clicking the link below or the one you'll receive in your confirmation email. I also add this link to our Trello board so that you have it handy at all times before our meetings. I'll record the audio and video of our session and add it to our Trello board afterwards, so that you can refer back to them again and again after our appointment.

You can join our session using this link https://zoom.us/j/7126348666
Meeting ID: 712 634 8666‚Äč