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Initial consultation plus 5 follow-ups

This package includes: the write up of your report, access to discounted supplements, in-between session questions answered via Whatsapp and a comprehensive treatment plan. Individualised mindfulness-based exercises will be recorded in-session and provided to you for home use.

Mindful Health Meditation Club

per month
Mindful Health Meditation Club - weekly meditation practice membership

Would you like to meditate more but find it hard to find the motivation, or do you even feel anxious at the prospect of practicing? The Mindful Health Meditation Club may be just what you need...
Weekly group practice offers accountability, discipline and feelings of support and safety in a kind and like-minded group.
We will work through 40+ effective, enjoyable and accessible practices over the course of year.
You will also experience various practices that support our changing needs throughout the seasons.
Each member receives a recording of each session to return to during the week or to complete in your own time that week if you missed the session.
For those who would like to share or receive help with their meditation practice, there will be a brief, optional Q & A at the end of the session.
Practices will include: improving concentration, connecting to nature, connecting to others (helping move past barriers to connection), developing self-compassion, managing shame, creating resilience, increasing willpower, dismantling the inner-critic, visualisations, tending to the inner-child, developing confidence and much, much more.

A very manageable yet effective 20 minutes of live practice every Monday morning at 7.15 am. Turn up in your PJ’s, in bed, in your rollers, with your cup of tea or even a cat or baby on your lap - whatever works for you!
If this day and time doesn’t work for you, please do send me some feedback so I can create more groups if there is demand for it.

£25 per month (cancel anytime with a month's notice or immediately in certain circumstances). FIRST SESSION: Monday 24th May at 7.15am via Zoom. Sign-up here.