Functional Genomics

Functional Genomic Consult AND Test

The most advanced and private Genetic Test Kit with 15,000-17000+ genes, compiling of the raw data into easy to read reports. (Sample reports HERE)

Custom supplement, detox, dietary, exercise, sleep and stress reduction strategies

Your raw DNA data

Comprehensive 60+ page report that contains detailed information about the expression of your genes

A one-on-one 60-minute consult with Salena to go over your genetic test so that you get the information and understand how to put that
information into context and make changes to better your health

30 days of unlimited messaging through private client portal with Salena (30 days begins after your 1-on1 consult)

Access to high-quality supplements and other health products at deeply discounted prices

$497 upgrade credit towards any of our extended health and wellness packages (6 or 12 month packages)

Functional Genomic Analysis Consult ONLY using YOUR 23&Me Data

This is a Functional Genomic analysis using your raw data from 23&me or ancestry.com. (THIS PACKAGE DOES NOT INCLUDE ANY TESTING) Upon ordering you will receive information from our office with portal invites to submit your data and answer symptom questionnaire. Should you have any questions you can reach out to Salena at 936-463-0272 or email Questions@thefunctionalperspective.com
*Pricing is $397 USD