3.Packages & Subscriptions for MLD for Lymphedema, Cancer Recovery, & General Wellness -**Clients must 1st complete Initial 90 Minute Consultation + Appointment**

Monthly Lymphatic Drainage Program **Subscription** - 90 minutes

per month
➢ Enjoy one 90 Manual Lymphatic Drainage session per month.
➢ SAVE 10% on additional services/appointments each month.
➢ Roll-over unused sessions to next month. 

Lymphatic Drainage 90 Minute Mini Package of 3 - for Lymphedema, Cancer Recovery, & General Wellness

Lymphatic drainage massage is a profound technique to help increase the movement of lymphatic fluid, which carries cells that help fight infections and other diseases. It is a light pressure massage.

This type of work is often recommended after mastectomies to help reduce edema and swelling after the removal of lymph nodes and to gently aid in the prevention of scar tissue.
It's also helpful in managing primary lymphedema and as a tool for general wellness, for those who enjoy the difference they feel after an MLD Session.