SMA Pilates + Barre


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Barre & Pilates Mat Class

$ MXN250.00
A single Barre or Pilates Mat class

Barre & Pilates Mat Package of 10 classes

$ MXN2300.00
10 classes of Barre or Pilates Mat

Barre & Pilates Mat Package of 20 Classes

$ MXN4500.00
20 Classes of Barre or Pilates Mat

Duet Lesson

$ MXN550.00
A single lesson in a duet class. Requires two people.

Duet Package of 10 lessons

$ MXN4900.00
Package of 10 duet lessons. By appointment only, please email to schedule.

Reformer Class

$ MXN450.00
Single Reformer Class

Group Reformer Package of 5 classes

$ MXN2100.00

Group Reformer Package of 10 classes

$ MXN4100.00

Group Reformer Package of 20 Classes

$ MXN8000.00
20 Reformer classes

Private Pilates Lesson

$ MXN900.00
A customized personal Pilates training lesson for one person.

Private Package of 5 Lessons

$ MXN4300.00
Five customized private Pilates lessons

Private Package of 10 lessons

$ MXN8100.00
Ten customized private Pilates lessons