Distant Reiki Boost

The Reiki Boost is unscheduled. Within three business days, you will receive your mini Distant Reiki session and your Reiki report will be emailed to you.

In the notes to business section, please provide the receiver's name, location, and healing intentions.

Reiki Channelled Message

Get personalized spiritual guidance from your inner being. Reiki will harmonize your energy field and I will connect with your inner being and your guides to give you the message that most serves you right now. This is unscheduled. You will receive your Reiki Channelled Message within 3 business days.

In the notes to the business section, please provide your name and location. You may also specify one issue or area of your life you want your guidance focused on.

Monthly Continuous Distant Reiki Subscription

per month
Receive the loving support of distant Reiki 24 hours a day. The Reiki flows to you to while active or sleeping.

While receiving Continuous Distant Reiki, your name is placed on my distant Reiki crystal grid. I charge the Reiki crystals daily and program them to send Reiki to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You get helpful information to track what your progress during Continuous Distant Reiki.

Benefits of Continuous Distant Reiki Healing:

- increased energy
- decreased pain and stress
- feeling more open and loving,
- ease and joy in facing life's challenges
- things just working out
- better sleep
- improved relationships
- speedy recovery from surgery or injury
- improved emotional state
- clear minded
- inspired creativity
- weight loss
- relaxed and confident for interviews and auditions
- grief
- ease death and dying
- release addictions
- EMF protection
- fertility
- pregnancy and childbirth
and much more

**In the notes to business section, please list the receiver's name, location and healing intentions when you order.

Gift Certificate - Full Distant Reiki Session


Gift Certificate - Reiki and/or Reflexology session - 60 Minutes


Gift Certificate - Reiki and/or Reflexology session - 75 Minutes


Gift Certificate - Reiki and/or Reflexology session - 90 Minutes