.Specials Package

5 InBody Sessions


Four Colonics

Four colonics at any time no expiration. $40 savings

Spring Colon Cleanse

Four Colonics and Four Sauna Session with the Gentle Move Supplement and Probiotic 11. Both supplements are from Natures Sunshine.

12 Sauna sessions - $150


Breast Thermography - $300

Two breast imaging sessions. The second imaging sessions is three to six months following the first session as recommended by the physician that reads your images. We are now offering a payment plan for this service. $150 will be due at each appointment. Please call to take advantage of the payment plan.

Follow Up Breast Thermography Appointment



Colonic & Sauna

Save money and book them two at a time! Both therapies are excellent ways to detox. Your body and mind will thank you for it! Includes one colon hydrotherapy session and one far infrared sauna therapy.

Three Colonic and Three Sauna