Join Our Online Community

Our online community group is FREE to join and super easy. We've set it up on facebook, so you can jump in right away.

1. Visit this page and click join: https://www.facebook.com/groups/campaigngreenhousegeneral/

2. Fill out the quick 3 question form. We'll review entries and add new members within 1-2 business days.

As soon as you join, you'll be part of a 24/7 community of other candidates and camapaign experts. It's a place for conversation, questions, support, and ideas. That's it. It's that simple. Crowdsource advice or resources, cheer someone else on, ask for recommendations, celebrate victories and hard-fought battles, join office hours with experts, and more.

Access to our Library of Resources

$5 gets you access to our full archive of materials.

We are asking for a minimum of $5 but asking that you be as generous as you can. The money you contribute will help us pay an archivist who can spend time going out to getting even more materials and/or content creators to build the things you request. If you are able to be more generous, when you get to the check out cart you can increase the quantity to donate more than $5.

Unlimited Office Hours for 3 months

$37 gets you unlimited group office hours for 3 months.

With this package, you'll have access to sign up for office hours to get some real-time advice. We have experts with lots of different experience, including VAN experience. And, they're available at different times.

Note: We think of Office Hours as a Group session where you can jump on to get quick advice or feedback. So, know that other campaigns may be on there. You will have an opportunity to ask your question and listen to questions from others. If you are looking for individual one on one help – Check out our One on One Expert Hours instead.

Weekly Coaching

per month
$50/mo gets you a dedicated coach who will help you set strategic goals and priorities, and make sure you have clear next steps at all times.

You'll meet with your coach and the other candidates on your team once per week for a weekly Team Call. You'll also be able to sign up for weekly office hours with your coach and other experts, or ask questions in a private community that is just for your team. Note: This package also includes access to the library of resources and all group office hours.

You can sign up now and cancel anytime.

One on One Expert Coaching

This gives you the chance to have personalized coaching at your convenience. These sessions are open to anyone for $100 per hour.

Meet with a coach to help get answers and advice.

VAN Help Desk

Get help here. VAN office hours and connection to experts.

3 months of help for just $36