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PURCHASE Sally's Coaching Group for Spring Elections

per month
Join Sally Boynton Brown for a weekly coaching call specifically designed for campaigns with elections coming up FAST.

For $25 a month, you get Thursday night calls with Sally and team, plus access to the Campaign Greenhouse library of resources: training, tools and templates, and access to office hours for more support.

Calls are Thursday nights at 9pmET/8pmCT/7pmMT/6pmPT

Access to our Library of Resources

$5 gets you access to our full archive of materials.

The money you contribute will help us pay an archivist who can spend time going out to getting even more materials and/or content creators to build the things you request. If you are able to be more generous, when you get to the check out cart you can increase the quantity to donate more than $5.

One on One Expert Coaching

This gives you the chance to have personalized coaching at your convenience. These sessions are open to anyone for $100 per hour.

Meet with a coach to help get answers and advice.